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“The primary goal of each nutrition class is to encourage clients to stay curious and open to learning something new.”Jessica Zollinger

When it comes to food and nutrition it might be confusing and frightening, especially with all the various information available. 

However, the things you eat have a huge impact on your overall health. 

Having simple knowledge of proper nutrition can help when it comes to health and wellness which is what Jessica Zollinger’s goal is for her new program at The Cottages on Mountain Creek.

Jessica is a Registered Nurse who manages medications for the 24/7 clients at The Cottages on Mountain Creek. Jessica has years of experience in varied healthcare settings and has always enjoyed helping adults learn how to manage/cope with acute or chronic conditions.

In late 2020, Jessica became certified as a Mind Body Eating Coach from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating (IPE), founded by Marc David, a nutritional psychology expert.

In January 2023, she began teaching one hour nutrition classes to the residents at The Cottages on Mountain Creek. 

Jessica says, “The primary goals of each nutrition class is to encourage clients to stay curious and open to learning something new – to stay engaged and to share ideas and experiences.  The sessions are informational and designed to inspire students to think about food in new ways as it relates to mood, thinking and habits.”

Jessica educates clients through relatable topics, such as “Is there a Perfect Diet”, “Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate” and “Brain-Gut Connection”. 

Focusing on high quality foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and healthy sources of protein is a broad but wise approach to health and nutrition.

Jessica teaches that “something as simple as not skipping breakfast or drinking additional glasses of water throughout the day can make a huge impact on someone’s energy levels”. 

At the Cottages on Mountain Creek, we will continue to use group comments to develop future classes around the clients interests and making sure to draw from a range of trustworthy sources of knowledge to keep classes engaging and current.

Joint Commission >>>

The Cottages on Mountain Creek and Bright Path Program have earned the Gold Seal of Approval with the Joint Commission. 

Bright Path Program has been awarded a 4th year Medical Resident Rotation in Community Psychiatry (major teaching hospital).

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