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The Cottages on Mountain Creek and Bright Path Program
have been busy over the last two years.

Program Features >>>

The Cottages on Mountain Creek and Bright Path Program are pleased to announce the following milestones:


  • Accredited by the Joint Commission.
  • 4th year Medical Resident Rotation with a Teaching Hospital in the metro area.
  • Documented and Outcome-Driven Programs with Quality Measures.
  • Programming is tailored to the client.
  • Clients join in on a Participation Contract.
  • Portions of our Program are reimbursed Out-of-Network, Medicare Approved, and/or Tri-Care Approved.
Updated Programming >>>

Over the last two years, we have accomplished the following program additions and/or enhancements:

  • All Programs are Reimbursed Out-of-Network 
  • Bright Path Out-Patient Drug and Alcohol Program is Medicare Approved (State Licensed)
  • Bright Path is pending In-Network approval from a major insurance company (more to come). 
  • The IOP program is now also approved by Tri-Care.
  • Bright Path PHP is now accepting clients and is pending Tri-Care and Medicare Approval.
  • The Out-Patient Drug and Alcohol Program is approved by Medicare and Out-of-Network.
  • 55+ Cognitive Neuro-Behavioral Program for older adults and seniors (cognitive behavioral,   memory care disorders and addictive disorders). Portions of the programming are approved for reimbursement.

Dr. Jeffrey Rausch (psychiatrist / addictionologist) oversees the Out-Patient Drug and Alcohol Program.

Housing Additions >>>

Successfully completing and licensure of our second Residential Treatment Home (24/7) for higher level of care (total of 16 licensed beds).

Team Additions >>>

Jessica Zollinger, R.N. (CNO)
and Sarah Tyser, R.N.
have recently joined our professional staff.

Soothing Environment >>>
  • Healthy meals (primarily organic and (95%) sugar free. Our gardens include 20 raised
    organic vegetable and herb gardens.
  • Our outdoor gardens include a Physical Therapy Garden, PTSD Garden (spring) and Yoga Pavilion Garden (May 2022).
  • More Gardens to come…

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