Overview of the Criteria and Process for entry into the Cottages on Mountain Creek

Admission Criteria

Clients are admitted to the residential treatment, independent living and/or day treatment programs with the goal of regaining self-worth and self-reliance. Our therapists and counselors are readily available to welcome potential clients and their families and to answer any and all questions.

Our goal is to assist clients who are committed to recovery in making the right choice and to learn how our programming can assist in that endeavor. Therefore, the Cottages on Mountain Creek assumes that clients are willing and able to participate in group activities.

The following admission criteria are applicable to realize a continued successful journey toward recovery:

  • Medication Compliant
  • Age 18 years+
  • Axis I Primary Diagnosis as follows:
    • Schizoaffective Disorder
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Schizophrenia (paranoid, disorganized and undifferentiated types)
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Dual Diagnosis (mood disorder with secondary substance abuse)
    • Major Depressive Disorder
    • Anxiety Disorders (generalized anxiety and panic disorder)
    • Co-Occuring – Memory Care and Mental Health Issues (seniors)

Residential Treatment Program

Client Recommendations

  • Being discharged from an In-Patient Psychiatric Hospital
  • Recovering from their First Episode of Psychosis
  • High Risk for Impulsive Suicide Attempts
  • Difficulty with Medication Adherence and Requiring Oversight
  • Requiring Assistance attending Treatment Programming
  • Unsafe Home Environment
  • Unable to Socialize and/or Remain Active in their Home Setting

Day Programming

Client Recommendations

  • Medication Compliant
  • Able to Participate in Programming and keep to the Schedule
  • Able to Maintain Personal Space
  • Lower Risk of Impulsive Suicide Attempts

Criteria for Exclusion

The following is a list of symptoms and/or diagnoses that may exclude admission to the program:

  • Cognitive Impairment (Low-Functioning Intellectual Disability)
  • Substance Abuse as the primary diagnosis/Substance Abuse requiring Detox
  • Eating Disorder
  • Autism (Low-Functioning)
  • Current Suicidal or Homicidal Disorder (harm to self or others). Some clients with past and/or recurring thoughts of suicide/suicidal ideation can often be safely supported
  • Aggressive Physical Behavior (harm to others)
  • Eating Disorder requiring Medical Attention


Admission Process

The Cottages on Mountain Creek accepts referrals from in-patient psychiatric hospitals, clinical professionals, families, friends and associates to the psychiatric residential treatment program, independent living program and day treatment program. Self-referrals are also welcome. Simply fill out this form (see Below) and a member of our staff will be in contact to schedule an in-person consultation and/or a tour of our facility.

Calls are welcome to discuss your specific needs because our programming is individualized to support special circumstances. Clients are required to be medication compliant and willing to be actively engaged in recovery (commitment to participate in all programming including individual therapy, group therapy and adjunct therapies, as well as social outings). To begin the process, we provide a tour of the campus, as well as an initial interview with our clinical team…

The Interview

As part of the Admission Process, prospective clients are required to have an interview with one of your clinical therapists. The assessment can occur over the phone or when coming to the Cottages for a tour. If the prospective client is currently in the hospital, The Cottages will arrange for an over-the-phone assessment. If the hospital is local, one of our therapists will conduct the tour assessment at the hospital.

Interviews usually last approximately one hour. Assessment includes information regarding past and present physical and mental health history, existing symptoms, previous hospitalizations and treatment programs, as well as any prior or current use of alcohol and drugs.

Once the assessment is complete, the Treatment Team determines whether the applicant is appropriate and recommends an appropriate level of care.

Financial Review

If, after a meeting with the TEAM to learn more about The Cottages on Mountain Creek, you decide you would like to move forward with the admission process, the Cottages will discuss fees and payments. Our services are private pay. However, some therapies and programming may be reimbursable out-of-network. Our professional billing company will be happy to assist you.

If you determine that you have the resources to pay for the program and that it will benefit your family member or loved one, a financial assessment interview will be provided.

Estimated Fees for Programming

Information will be posted here.


The bulk of our programming is private pay. However, some services may be covered out-of-network. Our “Biller” is available to assist with processing of out-of-network payments.

Financial Commitment

The Cottages on Mountain Creek is not a Medicare and/or Medicaid provider.


While each individual is unique, clients can potentially complete the admission process within 48 hours of acceptance. However, in some cases, completion of all documentation and requirements may take a week or two.

How to Expedite Admissions: The admission process proceeds quicker if all forms are filled out in advance of the admission data (including the medication sheet). In addition, all admissions require a TB and simple physical. Having these documents readily available assists in the process.

Admissions Forms

Information for admission forms will go here.

After Admission

After admission, clients undergo a comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological (neurobehavioral) assessment that will assist the TEAM in developing a Care Plan and Treatment Plan, as well as a Recovery Plan.

With a Release of Information provided for past and current records, The Cottages will be able to provide an enhanced comprehensive Care Plan and Treatment Plan.

We will consider your diagnosis from your current provider and, with your permission, will seek input from family, current therapists, psychiatrists and other health providers.

What to Bring (provide link to the what to bring page)

Schedule A Tour

We find it very informative for potential clients to tour the campus. Our programming provides a unique mix of modalities to assist our clients in regaining access back into society. A tour also allows family members time to address any additional concerns and/or ask additional questions regarding the programming. We strongly recommend a tour of the campus which may occur at any time during the admission process.

Nearby Accommodations

Attractions will be posted here.

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