What the Cottages Offers

The Cottages on Mountain Creek offers:

  • 24/7 Residential Treatment Program (Mental Health)
  • Transitional Independent Living (Mental Health and Sober Living)
  • Neuro-behavioral Day Programming (Intensive Out-Patient)
  • Bright Path Psycho-Educational Out-Patient Addiction Program
  • The Therapy ConneXion (Individual Therapy Sessions)

Clients are admitted with the goal of regaining self-worth and self-reliance with re-integration back into society. Our therapists and counselors are readily available to welcome potential clients and their families to address any and all questions and concerns regarding how our services can help guide our clients through the process…

Admissions Process

The Cottages on Mountain Creek accepts professional and non-professional referrals to our psychiatric (neuro-behavioral) programs from a variety of sources.

Families, self-referrals and friends are also welcome to send referrals.

The Admission Process starts with documentation of the clients needs. This is followed by a tour of the facility, as well as review of recent medical records. The clinical team can then determine which program is the best “fit” for the client. Programming is individualized to support…

Residential Treatment Center

The Cottages on Mountain Creek takes a Holistic approach to mental health including: Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Creativity, Clinical and Psychotherapy, Adjunct Therapies, Meditation Management, Natural Therapies and more… WELCOME to more balanced health.

The Programs

The Cottages at Mountain Creek offer the following Innovative Programs to our Clients:

Residential Treatment Program


The Residential Treatment Program at the Cottages on Mountain Creek is a 24/7 hour program specifically designed to serve individuals living with mental health issues (Schizoaffective Disease, BiPolar, OCD, Major Depression, Anxiety, Addictive Disorders and Personality Disorders) who are seeking to move toward stabilization and recovery. Our program offers care…

Transitional Independent Living Program


The Transitional Independent Living Program allows residents (adult men and women over age 18) to live independently on Mountain Creek Road with the oversight of a case manager and medication management.

Transition Independent Living is available for mental health, as well as sober living.

Residents live in a single-family home with additional services and programming available on a fee-for-service basis.

Day Programming


The Day Programming is designed for men and women over 18 who live with from mental health issues and who are not in need of 24-hour supervision but would benefit from our secure and stable environment associated with socialization, therapies and/or activities. The program is geared toward enhancing the recovery process allowing clients to regain access back into society. Each client receives a customized treatment plan, including case management…

Bright Path Program GPS provides neuro-behavioral programs for adults seeking recovery from the effects of Mental Health disorders and addictive disorders, as well as seniors suffering from memory care along with mental health disorders). Bright Path Program includes the following in-patient and out-patient clinical and outcome driven programs: Intensive Out-Patient Program (IOP), Dealing with Pain Program, Psycho-Educational Out-Patient Addiction Program for Young Adults and the Brain Flex Cognitive Program for seniors

About Us

The Cottages on Mountain Creek assists clients recovering from the effects of mental health issues, as well as co-occurring addictive disorders. Our clients find success working with our dedicated professional staff who help clients regain self-respect and self-confidence in order to integrate back into society. The Cottages on Mountain Creek has earned the Gold Seal of approval from the Joint Commission and is a licensed Personal Care Home.

The Cottages on Mountain Creek/Bright Path Program also has a collaborative relationship with Emory University Medical Center/Department of Psychiatry for a 4th Year Resident Rotation (Medical Doctor).

In addition, our Executive Team (over 35 years of individual experience) has been working within the healthcare and neuro-behavioral fields providing an unparalleled management team of leaders who care…

Schedule A Tour of
Our Facility

We find it very informative for potential clients to tour the campus. Our programming provides a unique mix of modalities to assist our clients in regaining access back into society. A tour also allows family members time to address any additional concerns and/or ask additional questions regarding the programming.

The Cottages on Mountain Creek

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