Admission Process

The Cottages on Mountain Creek accepts referrals from in-patient psychiatric hospitals, clinical professionals, families, friends and associates to the psychiatric residential treatment program, independent living program and day treatment program.

The Interview

Admission Process with Cottages on Mountain Creek

Self-referrals are also welcome. Please request a self-referral form at: [email protected] and a member of our staff will be in contact to schedule an in-person consultation and/or a tour of our facility.

Calls are welcome to discuss your specific needs as our programming is individualized to support special circumstances. Clients are required to be medication compliant and willing to be actively engaged in recovery (commitment to participate in all programming including individual therapy, group therapy and adjunct therapies, as well as social outings). To begin the process, we provide a tour of the campus, as well as an initial interview with our clinical team…

The Interview

As part of the Admission Process, prospective clients are required to have an interview with one of our clinical therapists. The assessment can occur over the phone or when coming to the Cottages for a tour. If the prospective client is currently in the hospital, The Cottages will arrange for an over-the-phone assessment. If the hospital is local, one of our therapists can also conduct the assessment at the hospital.

Interviews usually last approximately one hour. Assessment includes information regarding past and present physical and mental health history, existing symptoms, previous hospitalizations and treatment programs, as well as any prior or current use of alcohol and drugs.

Once the assessment is complete, the Treatment Team determines whether the applicant is appropriate and recommends an appropriate level of care.

Financial Review

If, after a meeting with the TEAM to learn more about The Cottages on Mountain Creek, you decide you would like to move forward with the admission process, the Cottages will discuss fees and payments. Our services are private pay. However, some therapies and programming may be reimbursable out-of-network. Our professional billing company will be happy to assist you.


We are currently In-Network with Anthem BC/BS, Aetna and Tri-Care. Cigna is in process. We are Out-of-Network with major insurance companies. Our third-party biller processes all insurance reimbursement claims.

If you determine that you have the resources to pay for the program and that it will benefit your family member or loved one, a financial assessment interview will be provided.

Financial Review
Fees for Programming

Fees for Programming

Programming fees range for Residential Treatment with the first month being $22,500. The rates decrease as clients continue through recovery.

Transitional independent Living ranges from $4,500 to $9,000 per month with the higher rate being associated with the IOP, PHP and Drug and Alcohol Out-Patient program. Transitional Living programming includes Case Management, Treatment Plans and three meals per day.

Individual therapy is $150.00 per session.

Financial Commitment

The Cottages on Mountain Creek is not a Medicare and/or Medicaid provider.

Completing the Process

While each client is unique, clients can potentially complete the admission process within 48 hours of acceptance. However, in some cases, completion of all documentation and requirements may take up to a week. All Residential Treatment Program clients and Transitional Independent Living clients are required to have a current TB (Tuberculosis) and a state physical exam. Day Program clients are required to have a current TB (Tuberculosis).

For clients coming directly from a hospital setting, the TB can be obtained within 48 hours of admission with staff assistance.

How to Expedite Admissions

The admission process proceeds quicker if all forms are filled out in advance of the admission data (including the medication sheet). Having these documents readily available assists in the process. Please request an admissions form at: [email protected].

After Admission

After admission, clients undergo a comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological (neurobehavioral) assessment that will assist the TEAM in developing a Care Plan and Treatment Plan, as well as a Recovery Plan. This assessment will be completed within 48 hours of admission.

With a Release of Information provided for past and current records, The Cottages will be able to provide an enhanced comprehensive Care Plan and Treatment Plan.

We will consider your diagnosis from your current provider and, with your permission, will seek input from family, current therapists, psychiatrists and other health providers.

What to Bring

Items to bring include

What to Bring