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Program Attributes
The Cottages on Mountain Creek and Bright Path Program
offers Tailored Individualized Care Plans Based on the Unique Psychological Make-Up of the Individual.
Joint Commission >>>

The Cottages on Mountain Creek and Bright Path Program have earned the Gold Seal of Approval with the Joint Commission. 

Bright Path Program has been awarded a 4th year Medical Resident Rotation in Community Psychiatry (major teaching hospital).

Tailored Plans >>>

Tailored Individualized Care Plans Based on the Unique Psychological Make-Up of the Individual

  • Designed by an interdisciplinary team including the client/family/guardian and, when able, the client’s community.
  • The Cottages and Bright Path provide the ‘foundation’ program and milieu.
  • The ‘team’ (including client and family) tailors to the measurements of the client.

Integrated Care Plans
 (client, the family, community) with attention to Culture, Religion and Ethnicity, etc.)

  • Care plan design components determine the treatment plan.
  • Plans are assessed/reviewed weekly to ‘track’ movement and to identify need for change (data is published to the team, primary care physician and ancillary therapists, etc.).


Participation Contract (Client and Family)

  • The client and family sign an agreement to ‘actively’ participate with the Care Team (direct and indirect).
  • Professionals off campus (not part of Bright Path GPS) must agree to share information with The Cottages/Bright Path Team allowing ‘One’ Coordinated Care Plan that is known to all parties (important to the client).


Evidence Based Program Foundation with Care Plans utilizing Quality Measures and Academically proven Theoretical Constructs

  • Theoretically proven ‘Boots on the Ground’ reality-based programs; 
  • ‘Overlap’ Care Plans (Cognitive Behavioral Health; Addictive Disorders and Co-Occurring Behavioral Health/Addictive Disorders); and
  • The staff is compassionate with sincere familiarity.

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