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In 2022, an out-patient clinic was opened in Buckhead, Georgia: 3580 Piedmont Road, Buckhead, GA.


In March 2020, The Cottages embarked on an expansion program for an additional 8-bed personal care home. By its sixth anniversary, The Cottages on Mountain Creek gained a national reputation. Our dedicated TEAM of Physicians, Directors Medical and Clinical) and most importantly, our therapists, have resulted in our programming being successful for our clients, many of whom exceed by obtaining employment and/or volunteering.


In March 2019, the Cottages/Bright Path received a 4th Year Resident Rotation with Emory University Medical Center/Department of Psychiatry.


In 2018, The Bright Path Addiction Psycho-Educational Program (Drug and Alcohol) was state licensed by the Department of Community Health. This program provides clients with a “maintenance” program (12 week out-patient program) which is individualized, documented and outcome driven allowing participants and family members to track progress throughout the length of the program. The Psycho-Educational Program has earned the Gold Seal of approval from the Joint Commission.

During 2018, The Cottages added a Physical Wellness Garden. The garden is designed to allow for young adults, as well as seniors, to partake in therapies associated with the garden, as well as enjoying the outdoors. The garden will have the added effect of providing “Light Therapy” not only for our residents, but our staff, as well.


In 2017, 347 Carpenter Drive became part of The Cottages/Bright Path Program GPS operations providing groups and individual therapy and activity center for our clients. Out-patient services are provided as well.

The Cottages on Mountain Creek received accreditation from the Joint Commission, with four highly regarded clinical programs being part of Bright Path Program, GPS (Mental Health IOP, The Bright Path Pain Program, Bright Path Cognitive Assessment Program and the Bright Path Addiction Program). All programming has earned the Gold Seal of approval from the Joint Commission.

During this time, our services evolved to include clinical programming for seniors with memory care issues, as well as mental health issues. Bright Path Program, GPS now provides a Senior Cognitive Assessment Program, as well as programming addressing mental health issues.