Now Launching: Our New “Bright Path GPS” – Intensive Outpatient Program

This new 6-week program is specifically designed to assist participants regain self-esteem, self-worth, and self-reliance, as well as providing the tools to establish a “Bright Future.” This course is based on the 6 pillars of recovery as designed by our colleague, Recovery Authority, Bill MacPhee.

The Bright Path GPS includes The Cottages’ Clinical and Adjunct Therapies, as well our Vocational Out-Reach Rehabilitation Program.

What the program does:

Together with you, skill building and application of skills becomes the ‘foundation’ for continued emotional and personal growth. Upon completion of the IOP some students may choose to continue with more individual psycho-therapeutic treatment. While we cannot address all the problems in each person’s life, we can begin to address the issues that contributed to your decision to enter the IOP.

Though many people who seek intensive treatment have multiple problems, your treatment will be prioritized to deal with those behaviors that:

  • Threaten your life and safety;
  • Prevent you from benefiting from treatment;
  • Perpetuate chaos or suffering in your life such as relationship conflict, limited support/isolation, lack of structure, lack of activities that bring you pleasure, over-spending; and
  • Behaviors/thinking that interfere with and make it difficult for you to have peaceful relationships, community support/s, structure, activities and financial stability

As these challenges are addressed and you get close to graduation; you will be ready to begin to work on other problems, as you choose, with your outside therapist.

All Programming is Clinical in nature and reimburseable through Out-of-Network Insurance Processing

Time & Location

The Cottages on Mountain Creek
Monday to Friday 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Six Week Program – participants may enroll and enter the program at any time.

Want to enroll in this program? Call 404-200-1925/404-786-4440 or visit to find out more.