Ed Handy

Executive Director of Clinical Services

Edward Handy is an experienced professional in clinical and operational Healthcare Program Development. He spent twenty-nine years with the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry (Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, with specialty in Community Psychiatry). His extensive expertise in designing and developing integrated behavioral health programs, includes in-patient and outpatient program design, Partial Hospital Programs, Outpatient Clinics, Faculty Practice Development, and Comprehensive Evidence-Based Clinical Continuums of Care, as well as clinical architectural design of psychiatric/neuro-behavioral units with coordinated outpatient components.

He was the Principal Clinical Program Designer for Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers, FL—a free-standing psychiatric hospital which opened with 76 beds and has expanded to 104 beds. There, Edward provided clinical advisement on Curriculum Design (inpatient and outpatient units), Medical Attending Staff Development (Psychiatrists and Hospitalist: recruitment/contracting and By-law composition), and Regulatory Compliance (State, Federal and Hospital Accreditation).

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